Breads, baguettes and everything a connoisseur’s heart desires…

In our bak­ery, we bake in a wood-fired oven on beech wood from the regi­on. For more fla­vor, more valuable ingre­di­ents. Pure natu­re!

Under the BACK:kult brand, we pro­mo­te the value of bread as a genui­ne pro­duct,
valuable stap­le food.

Good tas­te starts with the seed. The ori­gin and pre-pro­ces­sing
of agri­cul­tu­ral pro­ducts are extre­me­ly important to us.

All pro­ducts are made accor­ding to tra­di­tio­nal bak­ing craft­sman­ship with
long dough pro­ces­sing and a lot of manu­al work.

The gent­le pro­ces­sing
of the ingre­di­ents has a noti­ceable effect on the uni­que and ini­mi­ta­ble tas­te of our breads and rolls.

Patisserie …

In order to meet the demand for fine baked goods and sweet tre­ats, our con­fec­tion­ery pro­duc­tion is run­ning at full speed. Every day, deli­cious tarts, cakes and many other suga­ry deli­ca­ci­es are crea­ted here with per­fect craft­sman­ship.